Monday, 22 December 2014

OOTD - how to wear vintage clothing

Hello everyone, today I have another look for you! I thought this outfit would be a great way to help those people who might be afraid of trying vintage clothing because it 'looks too old' or they just don't know how to incorporate it into a contemporary style. So here are some easy steps to help you look on trend with a vintage touch.


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1) Mix vintage clothing with an item of modern day clothing

Adding elements of modernity through current trends or garments can make the outfit look contemporary when contrasted with vintage items. This boyfriend coat I got from newlook is currently in fashion and is easy to add to any outfit due to the neutral colour and style. 

2) Modern Hairstyles

Makeup and hair can add a lot to an outfit, just like how a victory rolls are iconic in vintage style, there are modern hairstyles that bring a look up to date. I like how this Ariana Grande-inspired updo makes the outfit look a lot more fun and feminine.

3) Urban Renewal

This is a form of clothing where vintage clothes/fabrics are put together to form new, more updated clothes. Urban Outfitters have a section here of gorgeous contemporary vintage items, which is where I got this black skater skirt from!
Another shop is Beyond Retro, which is a brand that collects vintage one-off garments, but also has a section of  its own clothing that creates items inspired by vintage styles.

For makeup I kept it fairly simple with a bronzed smokey eye and winged eyeliner with a pink lip so it wouldn't distract from the duck shirt!

Coat - Newlook
Shirt - Beyond Retro
Skirt - Urban Outfitters