Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Italy Purchases - Kiko Cosmetics!

Hello everyone! So in my last post I shared some of the photos I took while I was in Sorrento and Rome, Italy. It is such a beautiful country with amazing history and I would love to return there!
Another fab thing about Italy is...the shops! Many of them being designer like; Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu and many others I can not afford, however I spent rather a lot of time in makeup heaven aka, Kiko Cosmetics! 

I have tried out all of these products, and I must say the quality is amazing! And the
best part is, they were so so inexpensive! The most I paid for a product was
$5.80, and the nail polishes were $1.20!!


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Here I'm wearing (the middle one) in shade number 435

(I'm wearing the first nail polish here in shade 817)

Okay so this stuff is a godsend. It smells, amazing, and makes my hair
so soft and shiny! A must have for this summer if you're going on a hot 
beach holiday that dry out your hair.

Clay masks work wonders for the skin, they detoxify, tighten pores and hydrate.
I applied this and left it to dry for 15-20 minutes, then rinsed
with warm water, and my skin felt so much softer!

So I've recently started getting into a night skincare routine, and have been
looking for the perfect night serum. This one by Kiko not only smells great, but 
smoothes the skin and hydrates it without leaving it feel greasy or sticky.

Shade - 01 Hot Pink

We all know the dangers of the sun, and how important it is to wear a good SPF on our skin, but how about the lips? I'm obsessed with suncream when it comes to summer as you can tell I'm very fair so need lots of protection or I burn. A place people don't often think about when it comes to protecting against the sun, is their lips, but they are just as important! So why not have gorgeous glossy lips at the same time?

Shade - 01 Moonlight Gold

A product I've been in search for recently is a good cream highlighter, as I have powder ones - Lightscapade - MAC, and liquid ones - benefit. Again, this product smells amazing (strongly vanilla scented) and looks fab and lasts the whole day, longer than my powder MAC one!