Monday, 23 July 2012


SUMMERRRR! Obviously I know It's been summer for a while now, but It's finally starting to show here in England! Since yesterday It's been gloriously sunny and warm, I'm so excited about this summer!

Anyways, let's start off with my first update...MY HAIR! As you probably know, my hair is 100% naturally blonde, and I don't want to change that, but after 15 years of the same old blonde hair, I got kinda dip dyeing seemed the way forward! Here are some pictures to show you guys :D


Summer makes me love to experiment with bright colours

I personally like it better curly :3

Thank you so much my bestest friend Hannah 
for doing my hair! 
Hers looks amazing too :)

So what do you guys think of my new hair?! Tell me in the comments below or on twitter!

First Show Thing!

If any of you subscribe to my youtube channel then you'd know I (attempt) to sing and play guitar, and write songs. So there was this band night in my village on Saturday which my mum runs, and she asked me to perform. My friend Hannah ^ also did it with me (I couldn't do it on my own!), there was about 150/200 people there, it was scary! But I felt so good after, and got a big round of applause, so it didn't go that bad ;) Here's some pictures Hannah took of me practising...

Sunday, 8 July 2012

OOTD. - Let's Go For A Picnic. ♥

Woo another ootd, I'm feeling generous;)
I got this gorgeous and amazingly cheap dress from and I love it, despite the awful weather here in England, I pretended it was sunny and took the picnic basket - talk about optimistic ;)

Cardi: Jasper Conran
Brogues: Dune