Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I'm back!! ♥

Hello everyone! So I got back from China saturday around 6:30pm, and i've just about recovered from jet lag. I had an amazing time, it was such an unforgettable experience and I wish I could go back! I took lots of pictures and did a 2 lookbooks while I was there. So here's the pictures and I'll explain everything as I go through them :) sorry for the late post btw, been so tired and busy doing music! ♥

 Me and my brother Rob :)

 Birdsnest stadium

Cute little boy!

Tienanmen Square
Summer Palace

Saw this couple and they looked so cute, so i took a sneaky picture ;)

Tienanmen Square

The great wall!

Hehe ;)
View at the Ming Dynasty Tombs

Wild Goose Pagoda, they had loads of Buddha statues, it was so beautiful
Rubbing Buddha's belly for happiness!
Zodiac's, i'm the rat (the best one ;D)
Happy Buddha!
After being in Beijing for a few days, we went to Xi'an and a few of us took a bike ride around the (9 mile) city wall, i think that's an achievement! This lovely person waved at me ;)

hehe;) this is where they made the spare parts for the broken terracotta warriors

Definitely the absolute highlight for me, the terracotta army fascinates me, just the history is amazing and i was stunned when i was there. ps. excuse the bad quality, you weren't allowed flash and my lense couldn't get a clear shot :(

 This beautiful place is at the hot spings in Xi'an, it's such gorgeous scenery and buildings

 We went back to Beijing and took a rickshaw ride around a village, it was so fun!

 "I <3...Beijing" ;)

Looking rather happy!

Overall it was such a good experience and i didn't want to leave! I really really hope I get to go back, China is just amazing.

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