Friday, 23 March 2012

OOTD. - Florals and lace. ♥

I got this new rucksack the other day and i loooove it, so i had to do an outfit for it! This is inspired by kinda touristy because on the 31st of March i'm going to China!! I know, exciting right?! I'll have a blogpost all about it when it's closer to the date, and obviously put the photos up when i'm back :) 
Well i'll shush now tehe, hope you like the look!
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  1. omg actually, when i first saw your dress on my blogger dashboard i had to click it instantly. I'm in love with that dress! it's so lovely, and so are your bag, necklace and shoes ♥

    1. Why thank you Lucy! You're compliments mean so much to me, you're so sweet :)♥