Friday, 30 March 2012


Hey guys! So i'm going off to China tomorrow for the first week with my school, which i'm major excited about! (Although not looking forward to the 10 hour flight -_- ) We're going to Beijing for the first half and Xi'an for the second, i've never been to Asia before and i'm just know i'm going to be totally absorbed by the culture, history, architecture and of course the beautiful scenery and people! Don't worry, of course I will take tonessss of photos (I have 3 SD cards!) and i'm going to try do a lookbook on the Great Wall! ;)
Before I go I did some photos for you! (I'm looking so sad to not be blogging/lookbook for a week haha!)
Love Alix.♥

An old french postcard i found in my loft!

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Spring has now begun and it's beautiful weather this weekend, I went out with my companion (My dog -Daisy) and my camera and took pictures. I thought its been waay too long since i've done a photography post so i thought i'd share them with you guys :D

Friday, 23 March 2012

OOTD. - Florals and lace. ♥

I got this new rucksack the other day and i loooove it, so i had to do an outfit for it! This is inspired by kinda touristy because on the 31st of March i'm going to China!! I know, exciting right?! I'll have a blogpost all about it when it's closer to the date, and obviously put the photos up when i'm back :) 
Well i'll shush now tehe, hope you like the look!
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