Tuesday, 28 February 2012


So the past two weeks i've been decorating my room (well my dad havs!) and it was vintage/model inspired, the marilyn monroe wallpaper is from B&Q, and this amazing mirror and desk from ikea.


Finally got round to doing a lookbook! it's not too great because it's been rather miserable and rainy lately, but when the weather gets nice (springs soon woo!) i promise some awesome photos :)

Don't forget to hype the look! http://lookbook.nu/look/3127871-Purple-Rain

Friday, 17 February 2012

Double Exposure is amazing!

I just took 3 pictures using my Nikon D3100 and a camera stand to take this, used picasa and edited the tint and contrast to get this kind of bluey-greeny colour, then simply went on to collages and clicked on doubled exposure and this is what i got! Enjoy. xo

Love Alix 

Just Some Recent Photography...

Random bits of photography i haven't put on my blog, not that good but yeah :)

I really wanted to do a valentines day lookbook but unfortunately my photographer was away so I couldn't:\
The other day i bought some new clothes so hopefully i should have a lot more looks up! woo!
Love Alix 

Sunday, 5 February 2012


So me and my friend decided to do a sunrise shoot. We got up at about 7am at sunrise, and yes it was freezing, -10 to be exact. We were out for an hour and I was bare feet and in a summer dress! But it was worth it, we got some quite cool shots my friend can put in her portfolio and use for art coursework, and for me, i get to show you guys some cool photos!

Hope you enjoyed these photos!
Much love,